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Shining a light on your manuscript

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Shining a light on your manuscript

My Services

English language editing

I provide English language editing for multilingual researchers and academics for whom English is an additional language.


I can also proofread the manuscript before final publication.


The English language editing service falls somewhere in-between copyediting and line editing. I help authors check, polish and smooth out the language in their manuscripts. This includes correcting grammar, punctuation and word usage, as well as making suggestions to improve sentence structure and flow of the text. English language editing takes in aspects of proofreading; however, more thorough inspection is required for this extra service. That is why there is an extra charge to include this in the editing package.

Please see details on copyediting and proofreading at the end of this section.

Services NOT Provided


I do not provide full or partial translations. Drafts must be sent to me in English.


I do not write your manuscript for you. I help you polish work you've written yourself.

Plagiarism Checking

I do not check your work for plagiarism. You need to do that yourself.

Fact Checking

I do not check the facts or quality of your research methodology or results.


I can help you transform your draft into a manuscript that reads naturally to a native speaker. I check and make suggestions to improve upon the quality of your written English. However, I cannot be held responsible for the following:

  • Rejection due to quality of English in author's own post-edits or omissions:

If you make additional edits or add new writing not included in the original draft sent to me (i.e. after I have edited your work), I cannot be held responsible for reviewers' or publishers' comments on the quality of English in your submitted manuscript. Further, if any part of your original draft was left out to reduce your word count, I cannot be held responsible for the quality of English in those omitted parts, or potential rejection because of that.

  • Rejection due to quality of research:

This includes quality or adequacy of information, facts, methodology, incomplete data or results, discussion, conclusions, or any part that contributes to the quality of your research.

  • Plagiarism: 

Plagiarism is serious and is not tolerated in any kind of publication. However, you need to check against this yourself.

  • Rejection due to inadequate proofreading (for English editing only): 

If you have not chosen the comprehensive package, you need to do your own proofreading.

What do copyediting, line editing and proofreading involve?


Copyediting focuses on the detail of a text. -CIEP

  • Checking details
  • Language usage
  • Errors in language
  • Consistency and clarity
  • Cleaning up the document
Line Editing

The editor goes through your writing “line by line”. -enago

  • Language usage
  • Word choice
  • Clarity
  • Phrasing
  • Sentence structure

You can think of it as the final quality check. -CIEP

  • Final quality check
  • Publication readiness
  • Errors in spelling & punctuation
  • Font & spacing consistency
  • Missing or repeated text

The information above gives a few examples of what copyediting, line editing and proofreading involve. It is not a comprehensive list. More details are available at the following websites:

Information on copyediting and proofreading was sourced from the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading. Check out their website!

Information on line editing was sourced from Enago. Check out their website!